Pidicryl 128 M is acrylic paper coating binder which is specially designed for superior binding and emerging printing needs. It imparts high dry & wet binding strength to the coated paper and Board. Pidicryl 128 M binder is used to enhance high print gloss & resist print mottle. Pidicryl 128 M binder helps to maintain good runnability of coater and suitable for high-speed operations.

It is compatible with all kinds of coating pigments like Titanium dioxide, Calcium carbonate, clay, Zinc oxide, basic lead silicate. This acrylic binder gives Excellent aging resistance to paper and board. Surface strength and smoothness is enhanced with Pidicryl 128 M. It can be used in base coating application and specialized top coating applications also.

Product Features

  • Low foaming
  • Gives superior gloss
  • Compatible with China clay, CaCO3, TiO2 and most other standard pigments
  • Good runnability

Technical Specification

  • Physical Appearance: Bluish Transluscent
  • Nature: Styrene Acrylic
  • Viscosity: 5 ­ 15 poise
  • pH: 4-6

Application of Product

  • Duplex board coating
  • Gray back coating
  • Top layer coating
  • Base layer

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