Oxidised Starch is a modified oxidised starch in the form of superficially unchanged granules obtained by the action of chemicals on starch. It is specially designed for application in surface sizing/ coating for paper processing. It has got different viscosity and fluidity to sit the requirement of the paper.



Application of Oxidised Starch improves the wax pick. It also improves the oil absorbency quality of paper. It imparts extra smoothness. Printability improves to a great extent. Oxidised Starch is compatible with other additives like clay, CMC, wax emulsion, and brightness. The optical quality of paper improves enormously by using Oxidised Starch.


Packaging & Storage

The product is available in 50 Kg HDPE woven bags with moisture-proof inner liner. Cationic Starch can be stored indoors in ambient conditions nut should be kept from dampen surface.



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