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Non-ferric alum is the purer form of ammonium sulfate. It has no ferric ions in its chemical composition. This substance is manufactured using aluminium trihydrate as the raw material. The raw material is reacted with sulfuric acid under suitable conditions to produce non-ferric alum.

 Non-ferric alum has 0.02-0.03% of insoluble matter by mass. Although it has no ferric ions, there can be iron in the form of Fe (around 0.004%). Non-ferric alum lacks the violet colour in ferric alum. Instead, non-ferric alum is colourless. It is opaque.

 on-ferric alum is soluble in water. Therefore, it can be used as a chemical reagent for water purification. But there can be primary hazards for the environment. It is used as a chemical reagent in chemical analysis. Non-ferric alum is also used in paper manufacturing as a loading material.

The raw material used for manufacturing of non-ferric alum is aluminium trihydrate.

 Non-ferric alum has about 0.004% of iron as Fe

Non-ferric alum has about 0.02-0.03% of insoluble matter.

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