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We are one of the largest supplier of Liquor Ammonia with All India Network Bulk Transportation of Liquor Ammonia in carboy & barrel packing.

Ammonia solution, also known as ammonia water, ammonical liquor, ammonia liquor, aqua ammonia, aqueous ammonia, or (inaccurately) ammonia, is produced by dissolving anhydrous ammonia in different grades of water. It is a colorless liquid with a very pungent odor. Liquor Ammonia is an excellent acid neutralizer whose pH varies with concentration.


 Aqua Ammonia, Aqueous Ammonia, Liquor Ammonia, Liquour Ammonia, Ammoniacal Liquor, Ammonia Water, and Ammonia Solution


 Quickly, on disturbance releases Ammonia Gas which has a pungent odour, is an irritant, and corrosive to skin, eye, respiratory tract and mucous membranes.

 Nature of Hazards:

 Heating will cause pressure rise, a severe risk of bursting and explosion. The vapor and mist has strongly irritating effects on eyes, skin and respiratory tract. The liquid causes severe burns to the body parts on extended contact. Spilled liquid quickly evaporates and spreads in the atmosphere.

Protective Devices:

 Use Ammonia canister Mask or Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) for respiratory protection or suitable respiratory protective devises, goggles giving complete protection to eyes, PVC or rubber gloves, boots, suits and hood for complete protection of body and Eye-wash bottle containing clean water.

 Emergency Action:

 If possible move vehicle to open ground. Stop the engine. Mark roads and warn other road users. Keep the public away from dangerous areas. Keep the persons up-wind if possible or do not face the wind coming in from the direction of leak or spillage. Put on protective devices.


 If vapors drift towards populated area, warn inhabitants. Contain leaking liquid with sand or earth. If this is not practicable, use water spray to knock down the vapour.


 Keep containers cool by spraying with water if exposed to fire.

 First Aid:

 Remove contaminated clothing immediately and wash affected skin with plenty of water. If Ammonia vapours get in to eyes, wash eyes with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical treatment when anyone has symptoms apparently due to inhalation or contact with skin or eyes. Persons who have inhaled the gas must lie down and keep still. Keep patients warm. Do not apply artificial respiration if a patient is breathing.

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