Cationic Starch- A Quaternary ammonium derivative of starch principally as a wet-end additive in paper processing. Cationic Starch is much more than just a dry strength additive. It is a proven fact that the usage of modified starches to the cellulosic substrate for

  • Significant retention of cationic starch in cellulosic material.
  • Enhancing fines & fillers Retention
  • Water clarification & reduction in water pollution
  • Improving the surface strength properties
  • Improving the rating/stiffness
  • Enhancing the smoothness & better formation.



Cationic Starch improves the effectiveness of retention, dewatering and sizing chemicals through synergistic action. Cationic Starch is available in following grades having a different level of modification (extent of etherification) and ultimate benefit desired. Recommendations of the suitable grade is done on the basis of the evaluation of the system bt application engineers.


Packaging & Storage

The product is available in 50 Kg HDPE woven bags with moisture-proof inner liner. Cationic Starch can be stored indoors in ambient conditions but should be kept from dampen surface.



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