We offer permanent Wet Strength Resin product lines like Beni strength PAE and Beni Rez GPAM.

The most essential areas of wet strength resin are in the production of hygienic papers. They are inclusive of hand towels, cleaning clothes, facial tissue etc. Indeed, they are also used for toilets as they don’t block the sewage pipes.

Wet Strength Resin products are used in a variety of specialised papers such as paper-posters, labels, wallpapers, etc. that are required to retain a certain level of strength when moisturised.

Features: –

  • With the help of wet strength resin, the target of productivity can be easily achieved
  • It is so soft that machine starts running fast
  • The overall quality of sheet improves like tensile strength, bulkiness, etc
  • Saves a lot of energy while production

Helps in the retention of sizing agent


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