Dispersing agent, also called dispersant known as chemicals that produce a stable aqueous dispersion of dyes of very low solubility. A dispersing agent is a non-ionic surfactant such as an alkyl-polyethyleneglycol. These are used to impart the leveling effect as well as to keep the dye in dispersed form, to avoid the dye aggregation and precipitation. It helps to increase dye solubility. Generally naphthalene sulphonic acid– formaldehyde condensate, lignin sulphonates and sulphonated oils are used in sulphur dyeing. Besides dispersing agents also anti-migration additives have to be used to prevent dyestuff redistribution during drying, which is called migration.

Product Features
  • High Solids, Highly effective Dispersing Agent for Inorganic Pigments / Fillers
  • Allows Formulation of High-Gloss / Low PVC coatings and standard matt formulations

Technical Specification

  • Physical Appearance: Water Clear to Pale Yellow Liquid
  • Total Solids: 45 ± 1%
  • Viscosity: 0.10 – 5.0 Poise
  • pH: 6.3 – 7.7

Application of Product

  • Can be used as an efficient Dispersing Agent for making water-based Decorative Paints

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